Air Conditioning Repairs

Expert Air Conditioning Service

Stay comfortable in your vehicle all summer long with help from the team at Julian's Auto Repair. Whether you just need a freon fix or a complete air conditioning replacement system, we've got the experience and the equipment to make you feel cool again while driving.

With over 30 years of experience in air conditioning repairs and replacement, we're celebrating our 14th year at the same location.

You'll receive a 1-year warranty on all labor performed by our team. Our expert mechanics can give you fast and efficient results at a fair price. Call 817-656-4573 to schedule your appointment today. Se habla español.

Air Conditioning Repairs and Replacements

  • Anti-freeze leak repair and replacement
  • Fan and hose replacement
  • Air-conditioning leak repair and replacement
  • Freon testing and refill
  • And more
Call 817-656-4573

Julian's Auto Repair uses OEM and aftermarket parts.

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